The french-german-luxemburgisch convention dated 27th of October 1956 in relation to the construction of the navigable waterway has given the kick-off for the canalisation of theMoselle, work running from 1957 to 1964. The first trip on theMosellewas held on the 26th May 1964.

The law of the 22nd July 1963 in relation to the construction and management of an inland port on theMoselle allowed the Government to participate on behalf of the State in an incorporation having the following objects:

  1. development on an inland port with extensions on theMoselleand affiliations to the road an rail networks
  2. management of this port in accordance to industrial and commercial methods

The ideal strategic location of thePortofMertertrepresents a unique luxemburgish territory combining the three transport facilities and allowing the handling between water navigation, rail and road.

The groundbreaking was dropped on the 13th February 1964.

Some key data:

  • 2 millions of ground floor have been removed, thereof 530.000 m³ of stones;
  • 10.000 m² of steel piling

The inner harbour has been flodded on the 3rd December 1965.